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Our wide range of variants at a glance.

Bespoke body kits or standard items for vehicle manufacturers. Whatever the requirement, WIHAG’s full range of products is outstandingly diverse. Here, vehicle manufacturers and body - builders will find tried-and-tested, high-quality products that they can rely on. Expertise in every aspect of vehicle manufacture – that's the WIHAG promise. 

Our engineering and production experts work in tandem with European suppliers to develop new, contemporary products based on their market needs: This synergy has given rise to such products as the WIHAG©Van body kit or the WIHAG©City for inner-city traffic or the highly flexible WIHAG©Plastivan body kit for special bodies.


The industry solution for every application.

The flexible production system makes it possible for standard and custom-configured body kits to be manufactured. As a result, the same precision and speed that go into the modular design and manufacture of standard bodies are equally applied to constructing gardening vehicles, furniture and garment vans or sales vehicles for a wide variety of business sectors.




The body kit for every possibility.

The WIHAG®City body kit’s “big brother”, the WIHAG®Van offersall the benefits of the WIHAG®City. Available in lengths of up to 13.60 m, the WIHAG®Van’s design, low weight and assembly principle are sure to impress; by using state-of-the-art bonding technology, the design ensures certified quality together with an elegant appearance.




Bespoke products made easy.

The concept behind the WIHAG®Plastivan body kit is as simple as it is ingenious: You plan the vehicle bodies to your customer’s specifications and we supply a customised body kit, accessories included. 
To assist you in completing your customer orders, our consultants are on hand to lend you their expertise, and to work with you to devise a plan for the WIHAG®Plastivan body kit that is tailored to your customer’s needs. The body kit is manufactured on precisely this basis. Take us up on this offer to make your work easier and more profitable!





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