Rear doors and side doors

Exactly as you want it!

No matter how you imagine your door, we produce according to your specifications starting from quantity one.

Discover the possibilities of our Code XL certified rear swing doors type 3, which you can plan with us with your desired closure, in the color of your choice and in unsurpassed WIHAG quality. Whether with aluminum or sandwich core, we have the right door for your application!

Rear doors with external espagnolettes and an innovative and robust side door system complete the WIHAG product range.


Rear door model 3

Rear doors from WIHAG are setting standards in terms of quality and durability. Our doors are characterized by a wide range of variants and functionality. In our range you will find a suitable door for every application.




Rear door with external locks

WIHAG rear doors with external espagnolettes stand out from rear doors with internal espagnolettes due to increased tightness. This makes this type of rear door particularly suitable for the transport of moisture-sensitive goods.




Multi-wing side doors

The WIHAG side door system is simple but robust and thus ideally suited for use on walking floor vehicles. There are no limits for the customer in terms of closure types and leaf division (symmetrical or asymmetrical).





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