WIHAG®Van body kit

versatility is its strength

Everything is possible

WIHAG©Van has been developed as an especially flexible kit offering plenty of structural scope to incorporate individual customer requirements, a feature that has allowed WIHAG’ systems designers to establish this box body kit firmly on the market.

The success of WIHAG©Van provides a good reason for continuing to expand the variety and versatility of the range.

Developed to meet individual requirements

Based on tried-and-tested construction principles, with design features to match, WIHAG©Van is the kit for individual requirements.

Wall panels and doors come with a smooth, rivet-free finish and a top-quality appearance based on the use of innovative adhesive technology.

But it’s not just a question of good design – the entire kit offers proven, tried-and-tested quality. The basic types are available in clamped aluminium, sandwich construction and plywood. The final coat on the exterior, visible surface is either arctic white or pure white.

The profile geometry contributes to the attractive appearance of the kit.


Supplied on transport frames to simplify assembly

WIHAG©Van body kits are delivered straight to the vehicle manufacturer, ready for assembly and easy storage. The result: fast unloading, safe interim storage and shorter build times.

Quick and easy to install

The installation work is minimal, only requiring fastening from the inside. With the seals already fitted into the bulkhead, post and roof support profiles, no extensive sealing work is required. Lashing points and cargo control pans can be ordered ready fitted, which can considerably reduce the time required for final assembly.

WIHAG®Van body kit

aktuelle Features auf einen Blick

  • Side doors – for trouble-free loading and unloading
  • GRP skylight – with variable positioning
  • Sliding bar lock – can be operated from the inside and outside
  • Flaps in the side wall – flexibility for the user
  • Three-section rear doors – for greater flexibility
  • Bulkhead with doors and flaps
  • For rear frames with tail-lift flap: lateral sealing profiles with retaining handle and a water deflector on the flap with ready-fitted seals
  • Interior lighting
  • Side doors
  • Rear frame prepared for the installation of a WIHAG roller shutter

The required mix

Local transportation, long haul, and courier services: WIHAG©Van offers a versatile range of configuration variants.

Whether in clamped aluminium, plywood, ultra or sandwich construction, the profile configuration of WIHAG©Van is identical for all versions. The outer appearance is therefore always the same, with problem-free delivery of any design mix.

The roofs are available as aluminium, sandwich or translucent GRP versions. Lengths, widths and heights can all be varied in 25 mm intervals.

Customised planning and advice guaranteed

WIHAG’s team of specialists can be called in at any stage of the project to provide individual advice and useful tips based on our many years of experience.

This is how we guarantee a made-to-measure body: by creating the individually designed structure piece by piece to ensure that it conforms exactly to the customer’s plans.



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